Lawrence Gholson

Strategist – Author – Speaker – Add Value Life Coach

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My Story

First I want to thank you for visiting my site. My name is Lawrence Gholson II. I am a family man, business owner, community activist, and investor.

As a serial entrepreneur myself, I provide mentorship and coaching to small business owners, contract professionals and leaders on all levels through my company YOU FACTOR COACHING

I have over twenty years’ experience as a professional and personal development mentor, and team building facilitator. I am also a published author, business strategist and an “Add Value” life coach and speaker. 

Specializing in team building, creative partnerships and personal development, I will challenge you to challenge yourself, challenge your belief systems, and maximize every teachable moment in order to achieve and discover your goals and ultimately your better self. I call this discovering your YOU Factor! 

I am co-founder of The MAXIMIZED Life Coaching and Mentoring team (, which is more than a network but a community of mentors and coaches dedicated to add value to your success journey!  I am also co-founder of the non-profit Inner Peace Coalition LLC, which focuses on trade and vocational certifications for youth in non-traditional education tracks.

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