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Personal Life Coaching

Who YOU are now is who you are meant to be…HOW you are now is how YOU CHOOSE to be.

Career Building

It really is about WINNING and winning takes on different meanings to each person and in each season.

The entire YOUniverse conspired so that YOU could rediscover your “YOU Factor”.

Come join me to discover what makes YOU, YOU. Lawrence Gholson II your YOU FACTOR COACH


Welcome to
YOU Factor Coaching!

Hey folks! I would love to connect with you and your vision! I am a certified facilitator, speaker, and coach, but my main goal is to ADD VALUE through demonstration and practical exchange. That requires two events to occur in our relationship:

1) Challenging YOU to access, dissect and strategize YOUR current opportunities

2) Liberating YOU to access, dissect, and strategize who YOU need to become “NOW” in order to arrive to your “THERE!”

“sUccess is YOUniversal”

The dialogue that I’ve been able to have with Lawrence has been life-changing for me. YOU Factor Coaching is a safe place for you to share your fears your concerns your triumphs your failures and without judgment find your way.


– Danita Sanders, Author, Artist, and Business Owner

Lawrence Gholson is a phenomenal Coach!! The years of entrepreneur experience is at its best with this man!! He gives it to you raw , live and in color! To bring out all the best in you to succeed! I am so proud to call him a friend. If you need coaching I will always recommend! ” You Factor Coaching!


– Chris Letsinger

I am so pleased to be a part of your organization. The coaching sessions are top notch. I always feel that not only does Mr. Gholson care about the success of my business, but he cares about the overall healthy emotional state of the business owner, their management staff and the employees. You Factor Coaching has been a big part of the success of my business that we have had going on five years.


– Monique Lacroix, Owner, Renew Life, LLC and Virtual Life, LLC

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YOU Factor Coaching

Take advantage of a coaching session with Lawrence Gholson II.

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By invite only! This is a one-on-one indepth coaching session with Lawrence Gholson II.

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90-Day Package

12 hours of intense, intentional, realistic, fun, accountability coaching.

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Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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